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boathouse n : a house at edge of river or lake; used to store boats

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  1. a building at the edge of a river or lake in which boats are kept


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A boathouse (or boat house) is a building especially designed for the storage of boats, normally smaller craft for sports of leisure use. These are typically located by open water, such as on a river. Often the boats stored are rowing boats. Other boats such as punts or small motor boats may also be stored.
Sometimes, a boathouse may be the headquarters of a boat club or rowing club. It may also include a restaurant, bar,and other leisure facilities, perhaps for members of an associated club. Boathouses are also sometimes modified to include living quarters for people, or the whole structure may be used as temporary or permanent housing.
Boat House is also a Scottish colloquialism for an obese human. In extreme cases, the term Atlantic roundhouse can be applied to persons of incredibly excessive size.

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